Why google home mini task is not Coming?

What is Problem?
For whom it is opening after saying play Google home mini game then that’s nice but the problem is for some user that after saying it is not giving task .

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What is the solution?
Step 1 : Open Setting
Open your mobile phone setting app

Step 2 : Click Search
In your setting click on search

Step 3 : Search App
Then Search App in your Search and after that click on App

Step 4 : click on google
Then after click app scroll down or Search for Google and after that your have to clear data of Google And Google Play service.

Step 5 : Clear Data
After opening clear both data step by step .

Note : While clearing data you will get one warning then don’t

Step 6 : Repeat
So guys if you clear data of any of the following app then just repeat this process with another one .

Step 7 : Done
Congrats now you have done the work . Now open your Google Assistant and setup as you had setup earlier as you setup after buying new phone .

Note : Guys you must have to know that Ok Google or Hey Google will not work .

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